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An Intriguing Exit Strategy for Today's Business Owner

An Intriguing Exit Strategy for Today's Business Owner

One of the more difficult challenges facing a business owner is the formulation of a viable and economically beneficial exit strategy at retirement. Typically, the main goals of such an exit strategy are 1) to identify a qualified buyer, and 2) to receive fair... read more

Business Succession Planning – Ten Steps to Success

Business owners are often so busy with the day-to-day issues of running and growing their companies that the issue of business succession is often overlooked or left on the “back burner” until it’s too late. What would happen to your business if you... read more

Effective Cost Management Builds a Solid Foundation

From the smallest proprietorship to the largest international conglomerate, cutting costs can often be perceived as a “quick fix” toward improving financial results. However, such business decisions may not always be in the best long-term interest of an... read more

Get "In Sync" with Today's Retirement Plans

Although small business owners wear many hats, too often, the one labeled “Retirement Planner” is not among them. Hats may add panache, but basically, they’re for protection. Today, protecting your financial future, as well as that of your employees,... read more

Involving the Family Can Be Good Business

As a family business grows, the owner must ultimately consider how the entity will prosper once he or she takes leave of the helm. With proper preparation, the change-in-command should go smoothly. It will be important to determine which family members will be active... read more

Section 105 Plans Can Help You Manage Health Care Costs

Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code may very well be one of the “best-kept secrets” for managing your company’s health care costs. The medical reimbursement plans allowed under Section 105 provide sole proprietors, partnerships, C corporations,... read more

With Noncompete Agreements, Enforceability Counts

Competition is the backbone of the American economy. But business owners need to consider the consequences of a consultant or key employee opening a rival company – stealing trade secrets, hiring valued staff, and luring away customers. This could pose a serious... read more

401(k)s: Preferred Choice for Retirement Savings

When trying to save for the future, a 401(k) retirement savings plan can help you attain your objectives on a tax-advantaged basis. Named for the section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) that created it, a 401(k) plan may be one of the most popular and valuable... read more

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