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No matter your stage in life, setting goals can be a tough task, but it is an important step toward securing your financial future. Throughout our financial planning process, we will work together to define and document your goals, and set you up for success.

Our approach to Financial Planning puts your priorities first.

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Brower Financial Group

In addition to our Financial Planning Process, Brower Financial Group also offers the following services:

  • Asset Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Management
  • Education Funding
  • Fee-Based Accounts
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Generational Wealth Transfers
  • Mutual Funds
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Retirement Plans 401k & 403b
  • Annuities
  • Asset Allocation Programs
  • Money Market Funds

Our primary regulator, FINRA, provides numerous investor education materials. One resource is Broker Check which provides information about firms and financial advisors.

If you don’t know how close or far away you are to reaching your financial goals, how will you ever get there?

Our 5-Step Approach to Financial Planning is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the final plan, then we will refund your investment.

Every plan includes the following:

The first step is to gather the necessary data to ensure a thorough understanding of your situation.

Step two is to develop your personal financial objectives.

Step three consists of identifying problems that are present in your current planning.

Step four entails the development of recommendations – specific strategies for implementation. Equipped with pros and cons of each, and an economic model to determine their impact, you’ll be in the best position to determine which is right for you.

The fifth step is implementation.

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Your Future Advisors

Brower Financial Group is a locally owned and operated financial advisory firm located in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. You will work with experienced advisors who truly put their clients first. Your success is our primary goal.

Casey Clementz

Casey Clementz

Director of Client Relations & Retirement Plans

Registered Representative

Darby Brower Jr

Darby Brower Jr

Financial Advisor